Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Colorado Springs, CO

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Check Engine Light Came On?–The Clock’s Ticking!

The check engine light usually comes on out of nowhere. It’s hard to tell what’s happening under the hood without any additional warning signs or without knowing your vehicle’s specific error code. So many owners will just keep driving until they’re forced to bring their vehicle to a professional. At Adam & Son Auto Repair and Service we get to the bottom of any check engine light problem before it turns into full blown engine repair. Delaying your check engine light service can do extensive damage to your vehicle. The first alert is a solid light on the dashboard. This light will give you plenty of time to schedule an appointment with our team. We use the most advanced engine diagnostic equipment to give you an accurate engine analysis. Our techs are skilled and experienced at reading trouble codes and performing all necessary automotive repairs. There’s no telling what the issue could be with your engine. It could be anything as simple as a loose gas cap, to a catalytic converter issue, a bad oxygen sensor, a bad mass air flow sensor, spark plug wires have gone faulty, or a major transmission repair or replacement. Our check engine light services are meant to relieve you of all stress and concern. Until you visit our expert repair facility, you’ll be driving a vehicle with a mystery under the hood.

State-of-the-Art Engine Diagnostics

The second alert from your engine will be a flashing light on the dashboard. This flashing light indicates there is an emergency, and you should stop driving your vehicle immediately. You may be able to make it to Adam & Son Auto Repair, but you just might break down on the side of the road. For excellent check engine light repairs, we suspect you’ll be towed to our service bay. We’ll perform the necessary tests with the latest techniques and procedures, and get you all the answers you’re seeking. No matter what your vehicle’s issue is, we have the team of ASE Certified technicians to fix it. Misdiagnoses are a problem that owners find at other inexperienced repair shops. This ends up costing you much more money than it should. We’re here to protect your engine and your wallet by giving you the correct diagnosis and repairs the first time. Come to Adam & Son first!

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service

While your vehicle’s check engine light is on you should be driving your vehicle as little as possible. This early alert should give you enough time to schedule an appointment with our qualified techs. There’s no need to drive around wondering if you’re doing irreparable damage to your vehicle. Give us a call today at 719-528-1846 to schedule your check engine light service. We’ll make sure you always get the correct answers to your questions and the correct car repair service. To save time, use our convenient online scheduling system to schedule an appointment. Any time you’re in the area with a check engine light, don’t hesitate to stop by so we can diagnose and repair your automobile. We look forward to meeting our newest walk-ins!